Luxury Gift Baskets make perfect presents

A luxury gift hamper is a wonderful present, ideal for food geeks, chocoholics and people who find going to the shops a chore.

Hampers have a reputation for being expensive – Harrods’ Mayfair hamper comes in at a cool £1000. But don’t stress. There are some fantastic websites where you don’t need to pay a high price for top quality products, especially when you use our exclusive discounts:

Virginia Hayward

Virginia Hayward is a family-run company that prides itself on its high quality, beautifully presented food and wine hampers.
Indulgable is offering the following discount on Virginia Hayward gift hampers:

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Their classic Luxury Hamper is a perennial favourite, filled with treats like cakes, biscuits, chocolates, chunteys and wine. Who could resist such delicious looking gifts?

luxury gift hamper

Like puppies, their hampers are not just for Christmas. Virginia Hayward know that baskets filled to the brim with goodies are appreciated all year round and so they offer an array of occasion-specific hampers. Their selection includes baskets specifically designed for birthdays, thank yous, new babies and weddings.
They even supply hampers for people with dietary requirements. There are Diabetic, Vegan and Gluten Free Hampers, which are bound to be well-received, before being completely devoured.

diabetic gift hamper

If you prefer to build your own gift hamper, they sell a range of charming (and empty) wicker baskets plus additional packing materials to get you started.

Serenata Hampers

Serenata hampers are assembled with maximum enjoyment in mind. One of their most popular options is the Girls Night In. It comes with everything required for a blissful night of relaxation and over-indulgence – bubble bath to soothe you, wine to drown your sorrows and lots of sugar to satisfy your cravings. Get this for a loved one, or for yourself if you could use a little You Time.
luxury picnic

Another of their most popular, though slightly less girly, hampers is the Award Winning Ale Hamper. It includes some lovely crumbly cheese and nibbles to soak up all that alcohol.
Serenata allow you to add extra teddies, balloons and treats to your hamper before checkout so you can further personalise your gift.

So there you have it. Luxury gift hampers at affordable prices are the answer to all your “what should I get them” conundrums. And if you don’t need to buy any presents at the moment, treat yourself to one. You deserve it.

The range available from Hamper Gifts is so varied you can pick the one best suited to the recipient to let them know how much you care and how well you know them.

For sugar addicts:
If your loved one has a sweet tooth, make them giddy with joy by giving them the Fizzy Favourites Retro Hamper. It’s stuffed with twenty-seven different kinds of old school sugary treats and nostalgic wrappers.sweets luxury picnic

For booze lovers:
If they prefer to get their kicks from alcohol, make them merry with a Luxury Beer Hamper.

alcohol hamper

For the serene and tranquil (or those who would like to be):
Filled with vegan-friendly bath products, a scented candle and a teddy to cuddle, the Luxury Organic Pamper Hamper is a great gift for someone you think deserves a little chillout session.
pamper hamper

They also have some excellent hampers that provide all you’ll need for a celebratory meal, whether it’s a retro picnic in the park…
retro picnic hamper

Or breakfast for two to make mornings more bearable:
luxury breakfast

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