Exclusive 15% Off Gourmet Food At Cachette

Luxury lifestyle website, Cachette, sells a range of beautifully packaged and absolutely delicious fine foods. Indulgable have secured you an exclusive 15% discount on all their food items, giving you the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a feast.

Exclusive 15% off all gourmet food at Cachette

These products also make ideal gifts for foodies. Here are some of our favourites from their gourmet range to whet your appetite.

champagne vinegar

Champagne Vinegar

A big hit with the editor of Delicious magazine, this gourmet vinegar is indulgent fine and will make fine food even finer . It comes in a sophisticated bottle, making it an attractive addition to your dinner table.


Spicy Bagnette

“So good it’s tempting to dive in and eat it from the jar.” That’s how House & Garden journalist, Joanna Simon, feels about this spicy bagnette, and we at Indulgable agree. Bagnette is a blend of vegetables, spices and herbs traditionally made in Provence. You can serve it as an aperitif or with pasta or meat.

artichoke hearts

Artichoke Hearts

One of Cachette’s most popular food items is their jar of artichoke hearts. The tiny hearts are all expertly prepared to make them incredibly tasty.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made in Italy, this is exceptionally high quality olive oil, made from the finest Taggiasca olives. The stunning glass bottle and cork pourer make it even more special.