How to make Ski Holidays Affordable

luxury skiingSkiing can be a hugely expensive hobby, and going on a ski holiday can easily run into thousands of pounds. But why spend that sort of money when you can have exactly the same luxury experience by shopping around, timing your holiday and using a common sense approach to getting luxury for less?



affordable skiingAt the very top end of the market are the luxury resorts like Davos or Klosters, and finding an affordable holiday to these locations is nigh on impossible. However, there are bargains to be had at some of the lesser known resorts, and you can have the same luxury experience as in other resorts at a fraction of the price. Eastern Europe is a rapidly developing skiing area, but if you prefer to stick to the traditional Alpine skiing, seek out the smaller, lesser known resorts rather than the best known places.

Go as a Group

One of the most cost effective methods of organising your affordable luxury skiing holiday is to organise the flights, transfers and accommodation separately. Airlines may not give discounts on bulk purchases, but if you are travelling as part of a group of 10 or 20 you can negotiate with even the most luxurious hotels for a substantial discount. One of the luxury yet cost effective accommodation choices is a catered chalet. Prices start at around £450 per person per week and for this price you will have the services of a great chef, as well as three meals a day and a true home from home experience. This is far cheaper than staying in a luxury resort hotel.

Timing iaffordable skiings Everything

Peak times for skiing across Europe are the Christmas and New Year period, Easter and the February half term break. Prices for the same holiday during these times will be higher, so time your break for other times in the ski season to ensure you get the most affordable price possible. Bear in mind though that booking your skiing holiday for very late or very early in the ski season may mean that there is very little snow and the skiing is not as good as at other times.



If you are heading for the French or Swiss Alps, it can be far more cost effective to drive to your resort than fly, especially if you are traveling with a larger group in a minibus. Furthermore, if you have a vehicle, it gives you more flexibility when in the resort in terms of getting around and visiting other areas locally. If the drive to the mountains just seems too long, look at other alternatives such as Eurostar, which offers overnight services to some of the best French Alpine resorts at competitive prices.