A Private Island for your Winter Sun Holiday!

Most people would love to escape the winter frost and cold weather to somewhere a tropical paradise with sun and relaxation.

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This is the perfect winter sun holiday; pristine beach, turquoise lagoon, plenty of activities, personal chef and more!

As the weather is getting colder and colder, many of us dream of making that holiday getaway to somewhere (anywhere!) warm with plenty of sunshine being the key factor. We’ve come up with some amazing destinations to visit during the UK’s grim and cold winter days.


bali winter holiday
Whilst the UK begins its autumn season, make that getaway to warmer climes and head to Bali and Lombok in Indonesia. Bali and Lombok are beautiful places to visit in Bali, full of culture, beaches and lots to see and do. October is the last part of the dry season in Bali and Lombok. The weather is cooler and more pleasant than the humid wet season (October- March).
Another destination to visit is the Seychelles. The Seychelles is generally a good destination holiday to visit all year around with its warm climate. In October time, the Seychelles is ideal for snorkelling and swimming when there are hardly any winds and comfortably mild sea temperatures.


Mauritius island holiday
Mauritius is a great destination for plenty of sunshine and hot weather. November is the start of the summer in Mauritius, with temperatures being the highest in December, January and February. During this time there are ideal conditions for deep sea fishing and scuba diving.
Towards the end of November, Thailand is a wonderful destination to visit. Avoid Koh Samui though as it will be experiencing its heaviest rainfall. The rest of Thailand is a safe choice between November and February where there will be very little rainfall and is not too hot. During November Thailand also celebrates Loi Krathong, an annual festival celebration with lots of entertainment and fireworks.


mexico sunshineFrom November through to March, North Goa in India is perfect for a holiday. It is a wonderful place to unwind and plenty of sightseeing from elephants to temples. Eating out is a must whilst in Goa and highly recommended. There are all types of high quality cuisine and it is very cheap. Dine in a varied mix of excellent restaurants and beach shacks.
The Maldives is another destination with consistently warm weather. The most ideal time to visit the Maldives is between December and March when it is dry season. Whilst the UK gets colder and colder, temperature in the Maldives is getting warmer, making it the ideal winter sun holiday.


winter holiday sun
The Caribbean, including the Caribbean coast of Mexico are superb choices for some winter sun. From late November all the way through to March, the Caribbean experiences comfortably warm and dry weather.
If you ever wanted to visit Mombasa in Kenya, January to March is the best time to go. During these months Mombasa is hot with a pleasant breeze. Mombasa has lots of stunning beaches to soak in that precious sunshine. Other destinations in Kenya worth visiting during these months for a beach holiday are Malindi and Watamu.


goa holidaySydney, Australia has around 340 days of sunshine. Summer time is officially from December through to February. Key events during these months are Harbour Party, Sydney Festival and Tropfest.
In January and February Tanzania has its short dry season. Head to Zanzibar and experience plenty of stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, along with beautiful culture.
The best time to visit Sri Lanka is between January and April time. This is the best time for decent and most importantly dry weather. During this period, it is the best time to visit the Sri Lankan beaches on the South coast.


Whilst it may still be pretty cold in the UK, rest assured a holiday to Malaysia will bring you some promising weather during March. The West coast of Malaysia and Borneo are ideal holiday destinations to visit in March as it the sunniest and driest with little humidity compared to the rest of the year.

Sunshine anytime!

You don’t need to wait for specific months to make that escape for some sunshine. There are a number of destinations which make for failsafe sunshine and warm temperatures.
Head off on holidays to destinations such as Hawaii, Los Angeles, St Lucia and Cape Verde. All of which offer all year sunshine and no sign of winter frost!